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TOPRS 2017 

All members are encouraged to send us comments for activities. We are planning a few day trips and meet-ups for Summer so feel free to add your input. 

Ron Reeder - The Man Who Talks To Angels


Ron Reeder is a Medium, a gifted Communicator who is able to speak with those who have passed on.        

Welcome!  To the T.O.P.R.S. website.

TOPRS is a new paranormal research group right here in Oswego NY: an area well known for its age old tales of hauntings, apparitions, weird occurrences and other unexplained phenomena. TOPRS will try to document and disprove along with scientific scrutiny, each new investigation. As enlightened researchers new methods will be tested and used along with traditional methods of paranormal research. The investigative services of TOPRS is FREE, however we do accept donations to assist in further research.

TOPRS is an opened minded organizational online forum. Anyone is encouraged to join and share their experiences and stories in our forums. We strive to separate truth from fiction, and record for historical enthusiasts and paranormal researchers, accurate case files for the field of  paranormal research here in Central NY.

We have members all over New York State, the United States and soon from all  the World. Anyone with an interest in the paranormal is encouraged to join us. Whether a  layperson or PHD. Having spent many years of research plus travel to both Mexico and South Korea (living there for 1 year) , it is fascinating to discover the cultural, religious, and indigenous beliefs worldwide.

T.O.P.R.S. also has a pro team from our area called T.O.P.I.T. or The Oswego Paranormal Investigation Team.

Our founding members are by no means the only group here in Oswego, there are many paranormal research teams in the area. Some of us are members of other groups, and our website is joining  web rings from all over the country and all over the World to give our members and visitors a porthole for further resourcing. It is asked that all members respect not only each other but the experiences of others. Thank You. T.D.

T.O.P.R.S. Founder - Lead Investigator   Tracy DeCann


With a career background primarily in the the field of communications, (plus military / D.O.D. training) and a lifelong interest in comparative religion, the occult and paranormal; The Oswego Paranormal Research Society, or T.O.P.R.S. as it is now known  has been created.

As a free lance writer I hope to be able to establish solid evidence, document cases, and keep a journal for future reference.

Many homeowners who ask for help do so reluctantly for fear of ridicule by neighbors. Any communications by clients are kept strictly confidential and and investigations for them will only be referred to by case number unless otherwise authorized. Names will be changed for any interviews of individuals with an unexplained experience who wish to keep their identity private.

Members are encouraged to participate in meetings which will be announced at a later date and stop to say,  "Hi" whenever we are at a local event. Thank You for your support and interest.

                                                              Happy Hunting!   T.D.


Founding Members - Active Members - Groups

Shannon Michelle Sparks     "AKA Loemeya"      Co- founder and Consultant                CA                                         Raymond 'Lord Barnacle' Sylvester    Paranormal Consultant, NJ & New England                         CA                         Joey Lynn Perkins                   Founding Member, Case Manager, Lead Investigator                     NY                       Mandy Abbott                         Founding Member-Executive Assistant                                            NY                        Josh Miner                             Founding Member -Lead  Investigator                                              NY          Dargon62 'Murph'                 Founding Member-T.O.P.I.T Founder-Lead Investigator                     NY

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T.O.P.R.S. now has a T-shirt store on our Links page, you can go to the T.O.P.R.S. store or follow the second link to create your own designs for yourself, your group or team!



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Donations Needed

If you or someone you know, has good used equipment for paranormal research and would like to donate to our membership please contact us. Thank You.

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