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I get asked from time to time whether I believe in the gifts ( of some, not all ) of Psychics and Mediums. Well, it may surprise a few people but the answer is yes. Why? Here's another surprise..yours truely does have the capabilities,..or as I was once told: Bad Traits! LOL Posted below is the link to a lovely piece of writing by Mr. Steve Yablonski which gives a bit of background for the curious.

Personally I pursue the science when dealing with the paranormal. For those who are still curious, I can and do read Tarot, (for my own use), and can read Runes, and occationally I Ching. I choose not to pursue the active use of the arts of Wiccan and Pagen practices ( inherited the ability ) and do not care to do so professionally.

For those who wish to know I choose to follow the Lutheran ways.

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Here are a few links to some Psychic-Mediums which are on PTN or Cable TV.     Ron Reeder  The Man Who Talks To Angels      Ericka Boussarhane Psychic, Medium, Psychic Detective              Chip Coffey  Psychic, Medium


Regional Psychic-Mediums:    Deborah DeRusha, Reiki Master, Shamantic Teacher - Healer




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